Rilynn Rose Payne was born January 9, 2017. She was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease while our daughter, Emily, was pregnant with her. The news was very grim and disappointing every time she went to the doctor. There were many ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, and at every appointment we hoped and prayed that a miracle had happened and that the ultrasound would show a miracle, but it did not happen that way. But as we walked through the darkest moments of this journey we saw many, many miracles of God's healing power and He directed every step of this journey. As if things weren't grim enough, we would take our daughter to her last ultrasound at U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Emily's reason for the visit was to check out the hospital to see if this would be the hospital of their choice to deliver Rilynn Rose at. They only had two choices in our state that could accommodate Rilynn's situation. We were unaware that Emily would be receiving another ultrasound at U of M, we had just planned a consultation, but God had arranged all of this. The ultrasound now showed for the first time, along with her lungs being very compromised and both kidneys enlarged and not functioning, that two chambers in Rilynn's heart were not pumping. They immediately admitted Emily and Rilynn was born three days later. For the first week of her life, there were three times that the doctor told Emily and Zachariah that Rilynn Rose was not going to make it and to prepare for the worst.  For myself, being in the healing ministry this journey has rocked my world, changed some theology and mindsets, but most of all has solidified who my God is and how important it is to have a strong foundation, know what the Word of God says, and to have your prayer warriors encamped around you. Some battles in healing you have to fight, and fight hard! We were up many nights around the clock with friends and family fighting for little Rilynn's life. One night in particular I battled all night in prayer because the next day we were told they were going to begin shutting down the machines unless she improved. Visiting hours were over at 9:00 p.m. but I went to the head nurse and very calmly demanded that I be able to stay with her throughout the night to pray. She did not agree to the entire night, so we compromised till midnight. After midnight I went to my car in the parking garage to continue my fight. It's very cold in January in Michigan, but with my blankets, my Bible and turning on the car occasionally, I made it through till 7:00 a.m. And praise God, those machines were not turned off, and the doctors were amazed at her progress and continue to be amazed! 

July 16, 2017 - Rilynn continues to do very well! She just turned 6 months, and just rolled over by herself. On August 11, she will have a small surgery to put in a G tube in her stomach for eating, which will eliminate the NG tube that goes into her nose. This will be a huge thing for both Emily and Rilynn - Emily will not have to insert the tube any longer, and Rilynn will no longer be able to pull it out! She will continue to need a feeding tube because of the amount of water/formula that she must consume in a 24 hour period. She is the best baby, so content and happy, and sleeps through the night. 

A special thank  you to Katerina Koukiotis for allowing me to use her artwork entitled "Life In Your Hands" at no cost. Please follow the link to see her amazing artwork. You can purchase this exact picture, along with others, through her website.