three of us

Ever wonder if there is more to this life? More meaning, more purpose, more LIFE? It’s an age-old question, passed down through the generations. Do you feel caught in the rat race? Tired? Stressed? Empty? Depressed?

Do you know life was never meant to be that way? God never created us to live like that. He created us in His likeness and image to live an abundant life! He told us we are not of this world, but gave us a mandate to rule and subdue the earth. Ever stop to really think how God expected us to do that?

Whether you deal with physical, psychological or spiritual concerns, there is hope! Our passion is to break the chains that hold you back from an abundant life. We want you to experience LIFE, HEALTH & FREEDOM!



Life, Health & Freedom - Body, Soul & Spirit



Our physical body is an expression of our spirit. Our mind is the link between the two. To be completely whole and living an abundant life, we MUST address all three aspects: body, soul & spirit.

Health is simple. You must be balanced. An imbalance within your being (body, soul or spirit) will wreak havoc within your being. Your body aligns with everything you think and say. What you speak is either life or death, health or sickness. Words are first thoughts. You can’t speak what you haven’t already thought. Therefore, your mind, thoughts and words are critical to your physical condition. We are spirit beings, therefore, your spirit must also be in balance. If it is not, your magnificent 3-part masterpiece will be functioning at less-than-created speeds.

This is where physical health begins to deteriorate; and most conventional methods will fail you because they only address the physical issues. However, you MUST address all three aspects: body, soul & spirit. My passion is to see you living an abundant life full of abundant physical health!

HEIDI KEISTER, Healing Minister

You were created to be healthy and whole! Sickness and disease do not come to teach you something. We must learn what the Word of God says concerning healing, and walk in our destiny. We must renew our mind with the Word of God until it becomes a lifestyle. And then there are times we have to fight hard in the spirit realm because the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. Honestly, the enemy wants you dead! And he doesn't play fair. But Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly  My true desire is to see you set free! Our God is amazing! Our God is simple!

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REBECCA HAMMING, Masters-Level Psychologist, Ordained Minister, Certified Splankna Practitioner

We are energy beings. In the human body, this energy runs along pathways called meridians. However, when we experience negative thoughts & emotions or trauma, the energy can no longer freely flow. There becomes a roadblock. The body is a complex, fine-tuned machine, the greatest of all creation. We are reverently and wonderfully made. It has the inherent ability to heal itself. Understanding how God created the body and utilizing energy psychology to heal emotional scars and trauma is just one of the ways God designed His people to receive healing...body, soul & spirit. After all, if He entrusted us to rule and subdue the earth, why would He leave us powerless in our own well-being?

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